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Introducing Diane Foy's SUPERFAN ATTRACTION Method

Learn the 3 essential personal branding stages that will transform your career from struggling to unstoppable.

The 3 Stages of The Superfan Attraction Method:

Personal Branding

In this ever-evolving digital world, it is important to have an authentic personal brand that can be seen, heard, and felt. It's the story of you and your work, which is why it's so important to get it right!

With thoughtful and consistent personal branding, you can take control of your career and make your creative voice heard.

Purpose-Driven Content

Once you have established yourself and clearly defined your personal brand, you can start to create purpose-driven content that is in line with your values, beliefs, and passions.

Through this content, you can develop a strong connection with your audience and establish yourself as a leader in your chosen field. 

Media Spotlight

Having an authentic personal brand and a highly engaged social media following is the key to launching a successful publicity campaign.

With the right preparation, you can leverage your online presence to get featured in blogs, magazines, podcasts, radio, television, or your local newspaper.

Superfan Attraction Workbook Lessons

The playbook and training guides you through the Superfan Attraction method and gets you started taking action. Experience what I coach my clients on with 4 key lessons.

1.     Explore every area of your life to design your ideal future vision to get clear on what you are working towards.

2.     Identify your core values and limiting beliefs so that you are aware of what matters most to you and what may be holding you back.

3.     Sharing your story is what really attracts superfans so I will get you started with your story timeline.

4.     Who are your potential superfans? In order to attract them you first have to identify who they are.

"I love the new look of the playbook! It looks sooooo great and colorful. The value is amazing. It really breaks things down step by step about all that goes into PR/promotion work, and because of that it makes it a lot more manageable for an artist to tackle."

Film and Television Actress, NYC

Hi, I’m Diane,
Your Personal Branding & PR Coach!

Ready to slide into the spotlight with the impact (and income) to match? I got you with my signature Superfan Attraction Method for Artists and Creatives.

During my 18 years in arts and entertainment PR, I represented talents such as Perry Farrell, Big Sugar, Sass Jordan, The Parlotones, Mackenzie Phillips, Robb Wells, and Tyler Blackburn.

I have been a panelist and mentor at conferences such as Canadian Music Week, Northern Ontario Music & Film, and Indie Week. Canadian Musician, Sun TV, Toronto Star, and over 30 media outlets have featured me. I also host the Superfan Attraction podcast.

As a coach, my ability to draw on a diverse background that includes PR, marketing, creative psychology, photography, makeup artistry, and fashion, allows me to empower you to embrace your story and purpose as your unique superpower.

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